Long time no see. It is Kinugawa.
We came close to the end of August, and days are less warmer.

Well today as a part of Sakura Science’s laboratory tour, a total of 12 TNI students and professors,
people visited our laboratory. This is their second visit to our lab since they also came last year.
After a brief self introduction and presentation of the main research topics of the laboratory, Professor Hayashi in the first half,
and Emma in the latter half presented two ongoing research in the lab.

In the above picture, Professor Hayashi is presenting our on-going research about CSCL Platform.
Our guests seemed unfamiliar with notions of “collaborative learning” and “meta-cognition” and asked questions to deepen their
understanding of those key terms.
Some of them were also interested in knowing more about the data analysis aspects of obtained data from the CSCL Platform,
and were curious about ways to enable the platform to understand and intervene in interactions.

This is the explanation scene of CEWill system by Emma.
Everyone seemed very happy to listen to Emma’s funny presentation,
various questions were made in a good atmosphere.
Our guests especially displayed some interests in knowing how the system deals with learners’ emotion detection,
as well as future perspectives in terms of interface design of the system

I think that it was a very good discussion.


Finally, we took a memorial photo with the members of TNI and members of Seta Lab.
Even if this was a pretty short lab visit,  we were really happy to exchange with our guests from TNI,
and I hope they also had a great time with us. Looking forward to their next visit…