Last Saturday (March 7th), the 2014 year edition of JSISE (Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education )-Kansai branch hosted Student Research Presentation was held in Kwansei gakuin university, Umeda campus. 

This event, which was originally held for the very first time in Kansai area before spreading to others JSISE area in Japan, is a good  opportunity for young students not only to share their research achievements  but also to get some  advices from their peers.

P1030354  P1030326

Coming mainly from Kansai area, but also from Kumamoto Kagawa prefecture,  there were about 10 universities & labs represented.

From Seta lab, we were 8 to attend (7  junior and 1 senior).  

P1030346  P1030367  P1030344  P1030360  

P1030421  P1030376  P1030403  P1030378

Some (4 from Seta-lab) students performed oral presentations (12 minutes each)  while others (4 from seta lab) went through poster presentations (75 min).

At the end, the best presentations (oral and poster) were awarded. We were delighted that 3 of  the 7 awardee were Seta lab students.


P1030437  P1030432



We ended the day with some very well deserved refreshments in a great atmosphere.

P1030453  P1030468P1030473

Our deepest gratitude goes to our lab seniors and our professors (Seta & Hayashi) for their constant and inestimable support.

Last but not least,  special thanks to our senior Nagai who stayed the whole day along with us taking these beautiful pictures…