Sat., Oct. 3 2015

The seventh day of Sakura science

In the morning, we went to Namba.

We took a picture in front of the famous signboard of Glico and went shopping at the drugstore.

 IMG_5478 IMG_2299

In the afternoon at I-site Namba, we took a workshop held by Prof.Seta.

IMG_5493 IMG_3974

We divided into four group and thought the differences between Japanese and Cambodian culture.

I realized  that it is difficult to respect for conflicting thinking from each other and to think background of different thinking,  and also it was hard for me to discuss in English.

During the workshop,  it is given the “CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT” to Cambodian members from president Tsuji. It looks like happy.

IMG_3977 IMG_2324

After that, representative of each group showed contents of the discussion.

After the workshop, we went to an electronics retail store and 100 yen shop to go shopping.


Sun., Oct. 4 2015

Today is departure from Japan.

The Album full of memories is given for Cambodian members from students in SetaLab, and we see Cambodian members off at the airport.

IMG_2507 IMG_2512 IMG_2519

A few days has passed since that.

 Now, I hope to see them again someday in Cambodia.

I’ll never forget friendship, experience and memories through Sakura Science Project.


Dear everyone in Sakura science project, thank you for everything.

 Sakura science project is forever…!!!