Name:Alex Chao


BirthPlace:Sichuan, China(🐼Panda、Delicacy、Kingdom Shu of Han)

WX🛰️:781763817(Feel Free)

Research History

2017~2020 Keywords:Computer Vision、FPGA、Industry 4.0、Made in China 2025

  • Defect Detection Method for Ceramic Cups based on Computer Vision、Patent issue in China:CN111861983A
  • Design and Implementation of Machine Vision System Based on YOLOv3 Algorithm、「Digital Technology and Applications」2020.08
  • Defect inspection of ceramic cups; Defect inspection and classification of jujube; Defect inspection of medical disposable gloves; Automatic division of meat products…


  • Communication Activation Technology for Virtual Space

Work History (Long-term Internship)

2019.7~2019.12:理光図像技術(上海)有限公司 Software Development *株式会社リコー(RICOH)子会社

2019.12~2020.9:知拙ビジョン科技(上海)有限公司 Project Management、Others(Operation)


🏂Snowboarding、⛸Ice Skating


RPG:Xenoblade、The Legend of Zelda、Dragon Quest、Spider-man



Movies:Ender’s Game (Asa Maxwell Thornton F. Butterfield); Farewell to Today (Satoshi OHNO)

Drama:The Age of Awakening (CCTV); Why Women Kill Season One (CBS); Hikaru no Go (Chinese Version)

Documentary:Police story (SMG)


Satoshi OHNO、Miyuki NAKAJIMA


A330neo / A350XWB / B787


All about Universe


Detective Conan、Naruto、Doraemon、Crayon Shin-chan、Ultraman

👨‍🍳Cooking (Chinese Food)、🎉Dining Parties