Dr. Kazuhisa SETA (Professor)

We are working on building AI Technology Based Learning Support Systems. We welcome foreign students to join our lab!

seta [at]

Dr. Yuki Hayashi (Associate Professor)

I have been working at Osaka Prefecture University since 2014.

My research interests include the area of human-computer interaction. Especially I am interested in analyzing non-verbal information (e.g. gaze, prosody, gesture etc.) in multiparty conversation. If you are interested in AI and user interface technology, please contact us!

hayashi [at]

Students (PhD course)

Keisuke Tanino

I`m Keisuke TANINO.

I`m teaching English at Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology.

I`m full time working student.

I`d like to enjoy my second students` life here!


Tomoki Aburatani

I’m Tomoki Aburatani.

I’m interested in improving computer systems to the extent of capturing and interpreting humans’ advanced intellectual activities such as meta-thinking/ meta-learning.


Takuya Wada

I’m Takuya Wada.

My dream is to contribute to Education by developing intelligent learning support systems.
I’m looking forward to getting involved in exciting research projects with new lab-mates and thereby grow together!

Aboul Hassane CISSE

Aboul Hassane CISSE

I am Aboul Hassane CISSE.
I am involved in the development of technology, entrepreneurship and the education system in Mali.

My goal at OMU is to contribute to education technology by developing educational systems that can help teachers better manage students and online classes easily.



Students (Master course)

Katsuya Fukuoka

I’m Katsuya Fukuoka, please call me Katsu.
One of my dreams is working abroad so I really like talking with foreigners.
Don’t hesitate to ask me anything.
Take it easy!!!


Akio Okutsu

I’m Akio Okutsu.
I’ m happy to study with everyone in this lab.


I’m Yufan Gao.
I’ll try my best to find new things.


I tend to stay at home on weekends and holidays, but I usually participate in events that I am invited to. My goal is not only to improve myself, but also to grow by involving others. Let’s improve each other together! I look forward to working with you!


Yukun ZHAO

Follow your own perspective
Let every day shine:)

Students (Bachelor course)


I’m Xiaowei Ding.
I like this lab.



so glad to join setalab
Hopefully I could become a qualified researcher

Aota Nishida

I’m Aota Nishida. I’m on the OPU yacht sailing team.
I try to do my best to balance sailing and study.

Aoi Matsuura

I will continue to pursue my dreams for the rest of my life! I would be grateful if you could help me!

Hirano shu

I want to do my best to balance research and club activities!

Koshiro Yamaguchi

I want to create a system that is useful to people!

Hanano Okamoto

First of all, I got in the sun, slept properly, ate rice properly, and sometimes went out for a walk. I will do my best today as well!


Hantakeyama Rio

I’m interested in interacting with foreign friends.